Fern Headband

Don’t want to wear a hat but still want to keep it warm and stylish? This Fern Headband is your answer. The headband is part of our Kia Ora Collection and is knit with Performance Yarns’ Simply Wool, a 100% Merino Superwash Wool, it features pretty stitches mimicking the leaves of the fern, an unofficial national emblem of New Zealand. This band sits snug on the head using buttons as closures.

Here is the pattern for the headband. And in case you can’t knit, you can always buy it from our store here (https://www.thehappyhandsstore.com/Kia-Ora-Hand-Knit-Collection/Fern-Headband-id-3872441.html). Choose the colour that you want it in and write to us at info@thehappyhandsstore.com. Our knitters will be very happy to knit it specially for you.

headband 2

Yarn : One ball of Performance Yarn’s Simply Wool

Needle Size : 3.5mm

Measurement: 20 inches x 4 inches at the widest part

Gauge: 25 stitches x 42 rows: 4inches x 4inches in garter stitch

Herringbone stitch

Cast on a multiple of 16 sts, plus 1.
Row 1 (RS): [K2, p2] twice, k1, p2, k2, p2, *k3, p2, k2, p2, k1, p2, k2, p2, repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 2: P1, *k2, p2, k2, p3, k2, p2, k2, p1, repeat from *.
Row 3: K1, *p1, k2, p2, k5, p2, k2, p1, k1, repeat from *.
Row 4: P3, k2, p2, k1, p1, k1, p2, k2, *p5, k2, p2, k1, p1, k1, p2, k2, repeat from * to last 3 sts, p3.
Repeat rows 1-4.

headband 3

Pattern Instructions

Cast on 17 stitches.

Knit in garter stitch. Increase one stitch at each end of every 4th row for 4 times till  you reach 25 stitches.

Next row: knit 4 stitches in garter stitch, 17 stitches in herringbone stitch and the last 4 stitches in garter stitch till the piece measures about 13 inches.

Change to garter stitch  and decrease one stitch at each end of every 4th row while working a buttonhole after one inch. Knit while decreasing till you reach 17 stitches. Bind off.

Enjoy you new headband!!

Note: Please note that this pattern is for personal and non-profit use only. 


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