Queenstown Fingerless Gloves

From our Kia Ora Collection these warm and cosy gloves, hand knit with Malabrigo Arroyo, a Superwash 100% hand dyed Merino Wool, are an ode to the vibrant energy of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Beautiful textured and ribbed stitches form the glove, making them a must have this season. Being fingerless, they not only give you the benefit of a glove but also allow you to perform everyday tasks like texting, turning pages, or riding a bike without having to take them off. Also makes for a lovely gift.

Here is the pattern for these fingerless gloves. And in case you can’t knit, you can always buy it from our store here (https://www.thehappyhandsstore.com/Kia-Ora-Hand-Knit-Collection/Queenstown–Fingerless-Gloves-id-3872446.html). Choose the colour that you want it in and write to us at info@thehappyhandsstore.com. Our knitters will be very happy to knit it specially for you.



Yarn: One skein of Malabrigo Arroyo

Colour: Volcan

Needles: 3.5mm

Gauge: 34 stitches x 32 rows = 4 inches/10cms in beaded rib stitch

32stitches x 38 rows = 4inches/10cms in moss stitch

Finished measurements: 5 ¼ x 7 inches

Stitch Pattern:
1. Beaded Rib in the Round (Chart A)

Cast on multiple of 5

Row 1: *k1, P1, K1, P2* Repeat from * to *
Row 2: *K3, P2* Repeat from * to *

2. Double Moss Stitch in the Round ( Chart B)
Cast on multiple of 4
Row1: *K2, P2* Repeat from * to *
Row 2: *K2, P2* Repeat from * to *
Row3: P2, K2 Repeat from * to *
Row4: P2, K2 Repeat from * to *



Pattern Instructions:
Cast on 45 stitches. Join in the round. Work beaded ribbed stitch in the round for 2 inches – Row 1 to 16
Row 16: (K3, P2) 8 times, P3, P2tog (44 stitches)
Row 17: Begin Double Moss Stitch in the round. Knit 8 rows
Row 17-24: Double moss stitch
Row 24: K1fb, Place markers on either side of the 1st stitch. K1, P2, (P2,K2) 10 times
Row 25: Work thumb gusset between the markers and keep working in double moss stitch all around

Thumb Gusset: Chart C
Row1: M1R, K1, M1L
Row2: P1, K2
Row3: M1R, K1, P2, M1L
Row4: K2, P2, K1
Row5: M1R, P2, K2, P1, M1L
Row6: K1, P2, K2, P1, K1
Row7: M1R, P1, K2, P2, K2, M1L
Row8: P2, K2, P2, K2, P1
Row9: M1R, (K2, P2) 2 times, K1, M1L
Row10: P1, (K2, P2) 2 times, K2
Row11: M1R, K1, (P2, K2) 2 times, P2, M1L
Row12: K2, (P2, K2) 2 times, P2, K1
Row13: M1R, (P2, K2) 3 times, P1, M1L
Row14: K1, (P2, K2) 3 times, P2
Row15: M1R, P1, K2, (P2, K2) 3 times, M1L
Row16: (P2, K2) 4 times, P1
Row17: (K2,P2) 4 times, K1
Row18: (K2,P2) 4 times, K1
Row19: (p2,K2) 4 times, P1
Row20: (p2,K2) 4 times, P1

Slip the 17 gusset stitches on to waste yarn
Cast on 4 stitches, join and knit around in double moss stitch till the piece measures
6 ½ inches from the cast on edge (48 stitches)
Decrease 3 stitches – (K2, P2) 2 times, K2tog, P2, (K2, P2) 3 times, K2tog, (K2,P2) 3 times, K2tog, (K2, P2) 2 times – 45 stitches
Knit in beaded rib stitch for half an inch and bind off in pattern.
Place the thumb stitches on the needles again and pick up 3 stitches along the thumb gusset cast on edge – 20 stitches
Knit in Double Moss Stitch for 1 inch and knit the beaded rib stitch for ½ inch. Bind off.
Weave in all the ends.
One glove is done. Make the other one exactly the same way.

Enjoy !!

Charts A,B and C: Work all rows from Right Hand Side to Left Hand Side since they are knit in the round

Chart A

Chart A

Chart B

Chart B

Chart C

Chart C.png

Note: Please note that this pattern is for personal and non-profit use only. 


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