The Kia Ora Collection

Kia Ora – A warm greeting in New Zealand, but with much richer meaning in the Maori language that it originates from. Live Well or Live Healthy is the literal translation, but for me, a holiday to this wonderful country a few years ago did much more. The vales and rolling hills of this mesmerising land resonated beautifully with the mountain and nature lover in me. When you are close to something so magical, there is no need for conversations sometimes. There is a strange silence in the heart and in those moments, all you feel is blessed – to be alive and to have visited this magnificent part of the world. It also somehow makes you feel supremely brave and confident. I came back feeling exactly that. I came back a braver, happier me- inspired, ready to explore newer opportunities and to lead a fuller life. That feeling has since stayed with me and it seems only right that my first knitwear collection is an ode to this enchanting land and is named after those two magical words-  Kia Ora.

As you browse the collection, you might just hear peals of laughter from vibrant Queenstown, see the moon smiling down on the ripples of Lake Te Anau, walk past the ferns nodding gently in the cool breeze, feel the tranquility of the Haast Pass or just smile at the dolphins dance at Milford Sound. Live Well is all that they tell you!
Browse through our hand made collection, to gift or get our lovingly made knitwear!

Shop the collection here –

You could buy a piece from our store in the colour of your choice by writing in to us.
If you can knit, the free patterns for this collection will be soon available on the blog. We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we loved creating it.

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