Haast Hat

From our Kia Ora Collection the Haast Hat  is a nod to the breathtaking Haast Pass, a mountain Pass in the Southern Island of New Zealand. Made with squishy hand dyed 100% Worsted Merino Wool , this super soft and warm slouchy hat is for keeps. The brim height is such that you can wear it folded for extra warmth, like a cap. It keeps you so comfortable, you might just not realise you are wearing it! Handy for flights, treks, early morning walks and that late night bike ride.

Here is the pattern for this lovely hat. And in case you can’t knit, you can always buy it from our store here (https://www.thehappyhandsstore.com/Kia-Ora-Hand-Knit-Collection/Haast-Hat-id-3872442.html). Choose the colour that you want it in and write to us at info@thehappyhandsstore.com. Our kniters will be very happy to knit it specially for you.

Yarn: One skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted
Needles: US 7– 4.5 mm
US 8– 5 mm
Finished measurements : 18 inches x 9 1/2 inches
Gauge: 21 stitches x 29 rows = 4 inches/10cms

hat 4

hat 1

Stitch pattern:
2x 2 rib in the round
Row 1: K2, P2 in the round
Repeat row 1

Mock cable in the round
Row 1: P4, k1, P1, k4
Row 2: P3, K2 , P2, K3
Row3: P2, K2, P1 , K 1, P2, K2
Row 4: P1 ( K2 , P2) twice, K1
Row 5 : K2 , P3, K3 , P2
Row 6: K1, P4, K4, P1

hat 3
Pattern Instructions:

Cast on 92 sts on circular needles size 4.5mm

Place marker and knit one round (Row1)
Row 2 – Row 21 (for 3 inches) knit 2 x 2 rib

Row 22 Switch to 5 mm needles and increase to 100 stitches as follows
K6, (M1, K11) 2 times, (M1, K12) 3 times, (M1, K11) 2 times, M1, K6 – 100 sts

Row 23: Begin Mock Cable in the round
Knit for 30 more rows till row no. 52
Place markers after every 10 stitches on last row

Row 53: (P4, K1, P1, K2, K2 tog) repeat all around (90 sts)
Row 54: P3, K2, P2, K2
Row 55: P2, K2, P1, K1, P1, K2 tog (80 sts)
Row 56: P1, K2, P2, K2, P1
Row 57: “K2, P3, K1, K2 tog (70 sts)
Row 58: K1, P4, K2
Row 59: P4, K1, k2 tog (60 sts)
Row 60: P3, K2, P1
Row 61: P2, K2, K2 tog (50)
Row 62: P1, K2, K2tog (40)
Row 63: K2, K2 tog (30)
Row 64: K1, K2 tog (20 sts)
Row 65: K2,tog (10 sts)
Row 66: K2tog (5sts)
Break yarn. Weave through the remaining stitches and draw closed.

Enjoy wearing it and receiving compliments!

Note: Please note that this pattern is for personal and non-profit use only. 


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